Fade of the Day – Pine Hills Long Wallet (21 Months)

It’s always a good Fade of the Day when we get an aged leather wallet. Dave Harris in Japan sent us his Pine Hills Long Wallet with almost two years of use and some lustrous patina.

Dave bought this wallet from the Ueno market in Tokyo Since then, he’s had it with him everday in his back pocket. He built a house in Australia during that time, and signs of scuffing, scratching and even paint from that job are evident on the exterior, sitting atop the dark brown and black wear tones.

But the character of this wallet really comes from the unique patterns the interior card slots have made on the outside from pressure, along with the signs of use from the job site. This is one long wallet, but from the look of it, this one has an equally long life ahead of it.

You can follow Dave on Instagram.