Fade Friday – Oldlblue Beast (2 Years, 2 Washes, 1 Soak)

It’s quickly apparent when a fade submission is worth of being a Fade Friday, and when we saw Hashfi Fahreza’s Oldblue Beast’s we collectively said “Yep, this is our Fade Friday“.

This pair is will keep passersby’s neck’s snapping downward all day long. The two years Hashfi has put into these in and around Indonesia looks like it’s been 20, and pretty much everything on this jean can be categorized as extreme. The distressing at each cuff isn’t just a line across the bottom, or a slight hole, they are two large holes, worn through on each leg.

The jean has taken heavy, heavy indigo losses, with large swaths of the thigh looking near barren of dye, and yet, not far from the same area there is still heavy, heavy indigo retention. This, of course, allows for the sorts of high contrasty fade. Sharp, shadowy whiskers cut through a crotch that is both richly saturated in indigo and faded of nearly any.

At the right knee is a drool-worthy repair job, and around back we find some super-defined honeycombs that extend far up into the thigh. This is the kind of jean most envision when they buy that fresh rigid pair, but seldom see come to fruition.

Oldblue Co. 21/23 oz. Beast Raw Denim Jeans

  • Fabric: 100% cotton selvedge denim
  • Fabric weight: 23.7 oz.
  • Fabric source: Japan
  • Made in: Indonesia
  • Fit: Slim straight
  • Additional Details:
    • Horween leather patch
    • Red hickory stripe pocket bags
    • Button fly
  • Available at: Oldblue Co. for $275