Kapital Shows Self-Awareness With Their 7G Knit Boro Gaudy Cap

Gaudy recognize gaudy.

Japan’s Kapital, purveyors of more is more, tend to make many, many, many items per category each season. You tend to get one simple variant — like an indigo beanie option — and a couple dozen other variants, which range from adventurous to utterly tweaked out, such as the option you see here. Kapital has seemingly found inspiration in 1980s Coogi designs these last couple of seasons, and they’ve shifted focus from tops to headwear.

(And sure, Coogi might be best known for Cosby rocking it, but don’t let that dissuade you — Biggie wore it best.)

The cotton, wool, acrylic and nylon-blend cap incorporates various patterns and colors in a deceptively well-integrated way. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, as Kapital is one of the few brands that have owned their own factories for generations and thus have the knowhow and familiarity over their machinery to handle such feats.

I spy portions of their famed compressed wool seamlessly worked into areas of cotton and other combinations of fibers, plus plenty of add ons and after-the-fact augmentation.

Available for $183 at Haven.