Tender Uses the Green Stuff from Copper to Dye Their Latest Wallaby Shirt

The first time I came into contact with the British brand, Tender, was when I picked up a pair of bright orange socks in a store in London. At first glance, I thought they were just another pair of over-constructed socks, but I was soon told that they were dyed with carrots. Yeah, carrots. A few years on, they’re still using unconventional dying techniques, flaunting Verdegris Dyed Cotton on their latest Wallaby Shirt.

Verdegris is a green pigment which forms on the surface of copper, brass, or bronze, after enough exposure to air and other elements. Tender harnessed this pigment and applied it to a coarse calico cotton, achieving a subtle mint-green tone for this Wallaby Shirt. An elongated silhouette with two kangaroo-style pouch pockets towards the curved hem, the Wallaby Shirt comes in a relaxed fit, with slightly contrasting buttons at the placket and cuffs.

The Statue of Liberty called, she wants her shirt back.

Available at Oi Polloi for £225 ($305).