Unmarked Boots Sews Up Denim Jackets

Unmarked Boots may be kicking their heels right about now, because their name is starting to make less and less sense as they expand their offerings outside of the footwear umbrella. Case in point:  the 14oz. denim trucker we have here. And while that’s a good omen for the company, it does make talking about the jacket all the more confusing. Responding to a “who makes that?” question with “Unmarked Boots” will undoubtedly elicit some raised eyebrows.

Labels aside, this natural indigo-dyed jacket is your standard Type III trucker with a couple distinguishing details. The classic twin chest pockets are there, as well as the stitching you’d associate with the design. Setting this one apart, however, and providing the cause to elicit that compliment from the aforementioned stranger, is the multi-colored bug toe embroidery work above each pocket and a raw leather brand tag.

Oh, and on that tag they’ve wisely dropped the “Boots” and it just simply says… “Unmarked.”

Available for $180 at Unmarked.