Victor Keeps Things Natural With Their Undyed Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Don’t sleep on Victor Sportswear:  it’s a real if-you-snooze-you-lose kind of label. And their signature brand of vintage-inspired and ethically-made sweats, which usually sell out right away, are liable to elude your grasp if you don’t move fast enough. So thank the sweatshirt gods that Victor’s latest batch of stuff is available for pre-order RIGHT NOW.

Their two latest offerings come in the 100% US cotton the brand is known for, except these are left in their un-dyed, natural state. Both are made from 9oz. terry, and are cut in an athletic slim fit, reminiscent of the ’60s and ’70s sportswear that heavily influences the brand.

And with flat-locked construction, raglan sleeves, and ribbed cuffs all made in Tennessee, you really can’t lose.

These beauties are available from Victor Sportswear in either the crewneck ($72) or hoodie ($87) version.