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Dopp Kits – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Traveling is much more fun when you can take a few essentials from home with you. And while high quality luggage is very expensive you can up your dopp-kit game for much less. Join us as we explore the world of leather, canvas, and nylon toiletry bags that make taking hotel shampoos and soaps that much easier.

1) Filson: Travel Pack in Whiskey


We talk about Filson a lot, and while I hate to be a fan boy, it is hard to overlook them when discussing bags, dopp kits, and other travel goods. Their Travel Pack is a simple 180 degree zip pouch with two interior pockets and one exterior pocket for all your travel needs. It is constructed from a durable, nylon fabric with a heavy-duty zipper and bridle leather accents. It comes in several colors, but somehow the burnt whiskey tones just seem right.

Available for $55 from Unionmade Goods.

2) Red Wing: Traveler’s Dopp Kit


I think we all know about Red Wing’s quality boots, and their tannery’s beautiful leathers. That’s why it’s so great to see RW expand their offerings to include accessories, such as their Traveler’s Dopp Kit. This piece is constructed from a heavy duty waxed canvas with Copper Rough ‘n’ Tough leather accents, and solid brass snaps and zipper. Just like RW’s boots their dopp kit is made in the USA and built to last.

Available for $110 from Red Wing.

3) Tanner Goods: Drifter Dopp Kit in Varsity Wool


Tanner Goods claims that they are “not out to reinvent the wheel with” their Drifter Dopp Kit, but I think they might be selling themselves short. Their dopp kit is constructed from two fabrics: 18oz. waxed canvas and a heavy-duty wool. It features a tonal, black zipper with black bridle leather accents that make it that much better looking. Sure, there are a lot of dopps out there, but this one has a certain amount of refinement that many others lack.

Available for $75 from Tanner Goods.

4) Mismo: M/S Washbag


Mismo is known for their high-tech bags so it just makes sense that they’d have a killer dopp kit as well. It is made from a ballistic nylon blend fabric that is both durable and water resistant, and features a white inner lining. The hardware is a gunmetal coated brass, and the zipper is part of YKK’s hand-polished Excella line (a very sought after zipper for those who are not familiar with things as esoteric as zipper popularity). All-in-all this is a very well made, futuristic dopp kit that is perfect for the tech wear collector.

Available for €160 from Mismo.

5) Winter Session: Dopp Kit


Winter Session is known for their waxed canvas goods, which makes their relatively inexpensive Dopp Kit a great introduction to the brand for the uninitiated. This one is made from 20oz. navy waxed canvas with a brass zipper and veg-tan leather zipper pulls. It comes in two sizes to make packing efficiently possible for both the weekend and fortnight travelers, and also comes in a pack of two for those of us who just can’t choose.

Available for $58 – $110 from Winter Session.

Plus One – Outlier: Rolltop Dopp


Outlier is most well known for their techwear but their accessories are nothing to scoff at. Their Rolltop Dopp is a miniaturized version of their rolltop duffle, and is perfect for those who like clothing or accessories that are just a bit off the beaten track in terms of design. This dopp is constructed from an ultra-durable “non-woven” fiber, which is known for its strength-to-weight ratio. This piece is made in the USA and features a YKK zipper and cast aluminum buckle.

Available for $175 from Outlier.