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Fade of the Day – Grifter Scoundrel Gloves (5 Years)

Today’s edition of Fade of the Day exhibits half a decade of patina, thanks to a quality submission by Javier Rivera from Atlanta. Javier’s Grifter Scoundrel Gloves have been his go-to gloves for five years of motorcycle riding, and they look all the better for it.

These gloves are constructed from American Bison leather that’s supple from the get-go, and daily use has seen the palm sides develop a rich, dark patina that’s almost black in some of the highest stress points. The reverse side, however, holds lighter tones, with even more patina creeping into the creases of the grainy leather. Javier hasn’t had to conduct any repairs yet, which is a testament to the quality of these American-made gloves.

Grifter Scoundrel Leather Gloves

  • Material: Bison leather
  • Material source: USA
  • Made in: Unknown
  • Fit: Short
  • Additional Details:
    • Elastic band
    • Orange stitching
    • Hot-stamped logo
  • Available at: Grifter for $74