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Jungmaven x Manastash Hemp Hoodies

Collaborations are a sure-fire way to develop an exponentially cooler product. The more great minds, the better! But sometimes, these great minds don’t think quite alike, which is presumably why Jungmaven is collaborating with Manastash — essentially an offshoot of the same brand.

Twice the genius and none of the disagreement brought us the Tieton Hemp Anorak, a rugged, heavyweight layer with a generous kangaroo pocket. The loose-cut anorak works well as an outer layer, and is made from a 55% hemp, 45% cotton blend. The company says this comfy piece works just as well in the mountains as it does on the beach

Bringing everything you love about Jungmaven to the fore, this  cozy, heavy-duty hoodie was ethically made — textile and all — in the US.

Available in five colors from Jungmaven for $160.