3sixteen’s Latest BDU Shirt Mixes Spots and Stripes

3sixteen busted into the spring/summer season with some crazy-cool offerings, but their Leopard Print BDU shirt has to be crazy-coolest.

If you’re wearing a Leopard BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) you have to be prepared for a couple eventualities. The first of which is that I’ll make you into a meme with the caption “watches ‘Black Panther’ once…,” and the second is that you may not camouflage all that well, that is unless you’re trying to blend in with the other animal prints in my late great-grandmother’s closet.

Jokes aside, the BDU is much like the others in the 3sixteen roster, except it is made from a cotton herringbone fabric, with leopard print on the outside and classic tiger camo on the interior. While garish at first glance, the leopard BDU has a certain humor and charm that will undoubtedly be transferred to its lucky wearers.

Available from Standard and Strange for $265.