Fade of the Day – Fitzy Lanyard Nude (5 Years)

There’s never a bad time for a spot of vegetable-tanned leather, but there’s no better time than Fade of the Day. Today’s installment features a Fitzy Lanyard that has been used for five years by Shaun Collins, a Heddels reader who hangs his hat in Ontario, Canada.

Shaun tells us that this lanyard goes wherever he goes and it’s done so ever since he purchased it. The vegetable-tanned leather looks to have dried out slightly, but that only adds to the character of this rugged piece, which was originally a nude, natural color.

That said, a quick oil treatment could bring out new levels of patina in the years to come, especially as this thing is still holding up strong and ready for another half-decade of use.

Fitzy Veg Tan Leather Lanyard

  • Material: Vegetable-tanned cowhide, brass
  • Material source: Unknown
  • Made in: Canada
  • Additional Details:
    • Snaps open and closed
    • Solid brass hardware
    • Available in multiple colors
  • Available at: Fitzy for $28