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Indigofera’s Latest Chambray Shirt is Resourceful

When a brand decides to throw a crazy twist on a classic wardrobe staple, it’s either totally awesome or a complete disaster. Well, Indigofera isn’t afraid to try new things — like cutting half the sleeves off a long sleeve button down — but I think it’s safe to say this new Delray Recycled Cotton Chambray Shirt belongs in the ‘totally awesome’ pile for a few reasons.

Like the name says, this baby is cut from 100% recycled cotton, so you can wear it loud and proud knowing your look is Mother Nature Approved™. It features two matching flap chest pockets, a traditional pointed collar, and tonal buttons throughout, for the complete indigo experience.

As far as fit goes, this shirt is cut in a classic workwear fit with plenty of room for movement, but one that’s still slim enough to work well with the fits and styles of today. Plus if you have any concerns about which size to buy, you can reach out to Ben of Clobber Calm personally, and he will guide you in the right direction.

Talking to a real life human customer service agent in 2018, what’s better than that?

Available for $182 at Clobber Calm.