Kiriko Helps Stock Reinterpret Their Goods With Rare Japanese Fabrics

Collab alert! Midwest meets West Coast with Windy City’s Stock MFG. Co. calling up Portland’s own Kiriko to create a special capsule of goods. Stock uses Kiriko’s inventory of traditional Japanese fabrics to reimagine two of their most popular products: the Work Shirt and the Banded Collar Popover.

The Work Shirt’s body is constructed from a 12oz. sashi-ori fabric, a type of fabric traditionally reserved for the uniforms worn during the martial art of kendo. Strong stuff, obviously. The body is contrasted against 11oz. raw denim pockets and sleeves with reinforced elbow patches, that amount to a lot of fading potential.

The Banded Collar Shirt — Stock’s calling card — is made from a lightweight 7oz. kasuri fabric. Tracing its origins back to the 1800s, kasuri fabric is made by individually dyed yarns that are then woven to form patterns within a fabric. The resulting patterns are characterized as blurry or brushed, so don’t get worried if you think your vision’s taking a dive.

You can find the Work Shirt for $175 and the Banded Collar Popover for $125 at Stock and Kiriko.