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Viberg and Division Road Present the Horween Heritage Collection

The editors of Heddels might seem like nice guys, but if they’re so nice, then why are they tempting me with sweet Viberg boots every week? They must have read my mind, because I’m in the market for new boots and the above collaboration with Division Road and Horween makes for an awfully tempting pair.

The process of designing these boots began with finding limited-run leathers from the Horween tannery and spiraled outwards from there. The boot collection is divided into two sub-collections of traditional and sneaker-esque boots. While the uppers of all the boots are based on Viberg’s near-100 year history of high-quality craftsmanship, the soles make all the difference.

The Service Boot 2030 and Scout Boot 2030 exemplify this compelling fusion of Viberg old and new—particularly with the Vibram mini ripple sole, Division Road sought to create something that toed the line between a repro/heritage vibe and a more contemporary, versatile energy. By contrast, the Service Boot 160 and Service Boot 310 have more structured toe boxes and Vibram split soles, putting the “Heritage” in “Heritage Collection.”

All four collaborative boots are available exclusively at Division Road Inc. ($725-$745).