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Battenwear’s Latest Five Pocket is a Hawaiian Shirt

Alas, warmer months are upon us which means you can finally retire those heavyweight long sleeve flannel shirts, and if you’re really feeling it, jump head first into your favorite tank top and head straight to the beach. For those of us that need a more subtle transition though, there are other great options available like these new Five Pocket Island shirts by Battenwear.

Blending their favorite parts of the classic Cuban guayabera shirt and relaxed vibe of the traditional Hawaiian shirt, the Island shirt may very well have just become the new threshold for those about to chill. They feature pre-washed fabrics cut in an old school, boxy fit with a slight amount of length added to the body and sleeves compared to previous year models, as well as a smattering of pockets adorning the front. And just like your favorite pair of jeans, these bad boys feature a bonus fifth pocket that’s just big enough for a Metro card, some spare change, or whatever else you may need to carry with you on your weekend getaways. It’s offered in five colorways ranging from mild blue chambray to more wild all over print floral and paisley designs to suit all your moods. Surf’s up, brah.

Available from $185-$200 at Battenwear.