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Durable and Refillable Ballpoint Pens – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Here at Heddels, we all have rather esoteric hobbies and we’re fortunate enough to have found a group of people that like many of the same things. But that doesn’t mean we are all into exactly the same things.

High-end, reusable ball point pens are a joy to write with, but to the uninitiated they can seen rather extravagant for extravagance sake. But for those who write a lot daily and know the joy of using the same pen everyday a quality pen can be a great desk or pocket addition for years to come.

1) Fisher Space Pen: Clutch

durable-and-refillable-ballpoint-pens-five-plus-one 1) Fisher Space Pen: Clutch

Fisher Space Pen’s Clutch is a serious pen, and is perfect for desk work or anything that can come at you in the field. It’s made from an ultra durable aluminum body with a strong clip, hexagonal grip for use with gloves, and a large push-button deployment. It comes with a PR4 ink cartridge, and like all of Fisher’s PR cartridges this one is pressured for use in high/low heat and humidity, and even in zero gravity.

Available for $49 from Fisher Space Pen.

2) Tanner Goods: Memori Pen


We all know and love Tanner Goods, and not just for their famous leather accessories. They have a way of sourcing some of the coolest, niche products that make you wish you were in-the-know such as their Memori Pen. This model is made beautiful by its all brass body, cap, and grip, and is made functional by its replaceable G2 ink cartridge. The Pilot G2 has quite a cult following these days, and now you can have that same great writing feel in a much more attractive package.

Available for $80 from Tanner Goods.

3) Mont Blanc: Meisterstück Platinum Line Midsize


If there is one brand that people think of when it comes to high-end pens, it is Mont Blanc. They’ve been around for well over a hundred years and have been producing quality products for just as long. Their Meisterstück Platinum, despite its notable price, is only considered a low-mid range ballpoint by their standards. That said, it’s still one of the finest writing implements available with its black resin body, platinum accents, and just about any color of ink you could want directly from Mont Blanc.

Available for $460 from Mont Blanc.

4) Slip On: Sierra Wooden Ballpoint Pen


Just because a ballpoint is durable and refillable doesn’t mean it has to be expensive, and Slip On’s Sierra Wooden Ballpoint Pen is proof of that fact. It’s constructed in Japan from a hexagonal piece of cedar wood, and features an ultra-fine 0.5mm tip for more precise writing applications. The default cartridge is filled with an oil-based black ink that is supposed to provide a very smooth writing experience, but can be replaced with other Slip On Sierra cartridges.

Available for $7 from Blue Button Shop.

5) Baron Fig: Squire


Baron Fig is another brand producing ultra-durable, metal bodied pens with unique designs. Their Squire model is as minimalist as possible, with its blasted aluminum body, understated logo, and turning end-cap. It comes in a wide range of body colors, although sadly only black ink is available by default. Baron Fig does sell a refill, although Schmidt P8126 sized refills are also listed as fitting this pen, which opens a whole new world of replacement options.

Available for $55 from Baron Fig.

Plus One – Tactile Turn: Glider DLC Coated Titanium


Tactile Turn’s Glider is a wonderfully simplistic design that feels unique without being gimmicky. This model features a DLC coated titanium body, clip, and deployment clicker; the clicker is by far the most notable feature of this pen with its unique curved-tracker slider to open the pen. It comes with G2 cartridges, which makes it easy to find more ink. And with a construction as solid as this one you will certainly be needing refills in the future.

Available for $129 from Gallantry.

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