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Epaulet by Gitman Bros. is a Trippy Take on the Classic Oxford Shirt

Tie-dye is back, and NYC’s Epaulet teamed up with Ashland, Pennsylvania’s Gitman Brothers to get it while the getting’s good with the Spiral Indigo Mix Hand-Dyed Oxford. Each of the scant 18 units have been twisted and hand-dyed in LA, where they are left to sit in a bath of Pantone reactive dyes for 48 hours.

Instead of going with a ’90s cut or an otherwise roomy fit, the duo stuck with the classic Northeast prep shape that most are accustomed to from Gitman, so you can still rep your jam-band bonafides while holding court at your stock-holders meeting. Otherwise, this one is Gitman Bros. standard oxford — button down collar with the classic ‘American roll’, left breast pocket, and UK oxford cloth in a four-season weight.

Available for $195 at Epaulet.