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Fade of the Day – Self-Made Veg Tan Cuff (6 Months)

Wouldn’t it be cool to know the exact amount of times you’ve worn your oldest pair of jeans, watch, or favorite T-shirt? Well, Romania’s Daniel Toma Petre knows just how many consecutive days he’s worn his self-made veg tan leather cuff, and after 173 continuous days of wear, we thought it was worthy of being featured as our Fade Of The Day.

Daniel’s got a great looking accessory here—it’s a sensible item, sparing the frills and keeping things classic. It’s taken a nice milky-chocolate brown tone, thanks to all that continuous dedication to wearing the piece in, and was wisely cut with enough width to really showcase that lovely patina once it built up.

But most of all, what makes this cuff so special is that it was made by Daniel’s own two hands. This piece looks great Dan, keep it up with your DIY efforts!

You can follow Daniel on Instagram.