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MIS’ Mil-Spec Waterproof Carrying Bag Keeps Water Out (Or In if You Want)

Once, on a snowy walk from my apartment to the gym, my phone broke. Snow seeping into the bag had melted, and my phone drowned in the resulting puddle. Ever since, when I’ve had the opportunity to get something waterproof, I take it.

The Waterproof Carrying Bag from MIS is one such essential. With three layers of Goretex, you know your precious phone will stay nice and dry. Even the straps are super-durable, given that they’re made from a waterproof and breathable nylon. The bag is 18.5″ x 16″ x 6″ and can hold 15 liters—if for some reason you decide to use its waterproof powers to keep liquid in, rather than out.

This super well-priced, made-in-California bag can be purchased from Wilson & Willy’s for only $65.