Samurai 17oz. Denim Hiking Backpack

Some raw denim nerds will tell tales of how they wear their jeans everywhere, doing every activity ever, no matter what. Here’s the thing though:  those guys are actually doing it wrong. Why would you, say, go for a 10-mile hike up a mountain in your favorite pair of 21oz., sweat-inducing jeans, when you can still get your raw denim fix in other, more practical ways? Samurai gets that the denim obsession is very real, and have just released their newest Denim Hiking Backpack to expand your fade horizons.

You might be thinking, “Ok cool, it’s another denim backpack, what’s the big deal?” Well, the denim is the big deal, and it’s worth looking twice at. The outer shell of this pack is made from a 17oz. 100% cotton Japanese green-selvedge ID denim that’s fully water resistant, and has a crazy amount of texture inside and out.

It’s got three large compartments and a flannel-lined laptop sleeve, all kept secured by brass zippers and four outer snap-buckle straps. The top handle, diamond shaped leather loops and reinforced bottom are all made from a natural vegetable-tanned cowhide that will evolve with the denim over time, allowing for a beautiful patina/fade combo. It’s functional, it looks cool, and it’s ready to hit a trail near you.

Available for $460 at Corlection.