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Studio D’artisan Indigo Tie Dye T-Shirt

So, you want to show the world your flower child side, but you also love your well-made garments… what do you do? Well for one, you could learn how to make a shirt from scratch, sew it together, hand-dye it, let it dry and then rock out, but it probably won’t come out the way you want it to. Or, you could also just grab one of these new Indigo Tie Dye T-Shirts from Studio D’Artisan, because why the heck not?

You don’t have to be a Dead Head to appreciate what’s happening here. Since it was made by Studio D’Artisan, you can practically guarantee that it’s just about as durable as a 100% cotton t-shirt can be, plus they used real indigo dye and some radical tie-dye techniques to achieve the ultimate in trippy patterns. Don’t be confused by the American Flag tag sewn into the bottom hem, these babies are made in Japan with peace and love.

Available for $140 at Blue in Green.