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Fade of the Day – Thorogood 814 Moc-Toe Boots (20 Months)

Today’s Fade of the Day was sent in by Fiona Nolan from the UK. Fiona’s Thorogood 6″ Heritage Moc Toe boots have been worn a little over a year and a half, and despite being on the newer side, they are well on their way to patina glory.

After not being able to find a proper fitting pair of Red Wings, Fiona took a suggestion from her boyfriend and bought this pair of Thorogoods, and she’s happy she did because she says they fit great and have garnered a ton of compliments from guys and girls alike. Fiona wears them every day, especially while riding her 1970’s Vespa and takes care of them with mink oil. She’s still working on the fades but assured us she would send pictures as soon as they are ready.

Thorogood 814 Moc-Toe Boots

  • Material: Leather, rubber, etc.
  • Material source: Unknown
  • Made in: USA
  • Additional Details:
    • Leather uppers
    • Wedge sole
    • 6-inch height
    • Pull tab
    • Padded ankle opening
  • Available at: Working Person for $185