The Indigofera Banks Jacket Sees the Trucker Jacket in Grayscale

Myriad iterations of classic jean jacket shapes keep coming, and Indigofera just stepped into the arena with their Powderville Gray Selvedge Denim Banks Jacket—their take on the king of them all, the Type III “trucker jacket.”

While knockoff  Type III’s are a dime a dozen (and also what you tend to see out in the wild), the OG version just doesn’t quite have the mass appeal it deserves, due to a fit that doesn’t check the boxes guys are looking for nowadays. Indigofera put in the work to address this shortcoming and have lengthened their version up, while trimming up the body and adding hand pockets at the waist—quieting any concerns one might have with the original from the ’60s.

Further setting this Type III apart from the rest is the utterly unique 12oz. powderville selvedge denim from Nihon Menpu. This Japanese denim has a gray warp and a black weft which produces a deep matte grey appearance at the outset, eventually fading to shades of white, grey and black. If you’re looking for that classic trucker jacket but want to stand out amongst the crowds, this may just be the piece to supplant you up in the clouds.

Available for $350 at Standard & Strange.