Pure Blue Japan AI-003 “Double Natural Indigo” 17.5oz Unsanforized Selvedge Denim

Rent money is great, but have you considered using that money on some of the rarest jeans on the market? If so, Pure Blue Japan’s AI-003 Double Natural Indigo 17.5oz. Unsanforized Selvedge Denim has your name on it. The price is high, but the natural indigo dye that requires months of intensive labor—labor that requires generation-spanning tradition to master—results in one of the most beautiful denim colors in the world. And that’s before you even consider what the fades will look like.

The AI-003 is PBJ’s signature small-batch, unsanforized 17.5oz. hank-dyed natural indigo selvedge denim. Hank-dyeing is a slow and unique dyeing process in which color penetration is maximized, and through the use of less chemicals, the final dye colors are richer and the fabric is softer than those achieved by almost any other dyeing method. Also, because the dye is so fixed to the fabric, it takes much longer to fade, which means richer, deeper fades down the line.

The AI-003 is made in Japan on a single shuttle loom, making it an uneven, streaky, and slubby denim with natty indigo for the warp and weft. The Slim Tapered fit featured has a medium rise with a slim top block, and strong taper from the thigh down. Finished off with custom nickel buttons, blue selvedge line, a chain stitched hem, a deerskin leather patch and the signature Pure Blue Japan leaf embroidery, these rare gems may set you back a bit, but you’ll look damn good.

Available from Blue Owl Workshop for $885 USD.