Sassafras Goes Whole Leaf With This Denim Coat

How many pockets does one really need? Fans of the #EverydayCarry corner of fashion will debate that existential question endlessly, but we say that the limit approaches infinity ± 1. Sassafras‘ Whole Leaf Coat may not approach that limit, but in comparison to other coats, they’re pretty liberal with the pockets.

Based on vintage shop coats, it’s made with a feather-light 8oz. indigo denim and features five generous pockets on the outside, as well as one inside pocket. (That’s six for those of you keeping score.) And should you need to access the inside of this jacket from the outside (to discreetly adjust the boys), they’ve also included openings at the hem pockets.

Made in Japan, they’re available for $575 CAD (~$445 USD) at Lost & Found.