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Setto’s Indigo Hunting Vest is a Surefire Way to Hunt Down Some Fades

Setto, the newest of the Japan Blue family—which includes Momotaro, Soulive, and, of course, Japan Blue—leans into a pared-back aesthetic with ties to gardening and the outdoors. Were Japan Blue to commission Margaret Howell and Sassafras to work on a sub-brand together, this would be it.

Introductions aside, if the only hunting you really do is for denim, Setto’s Indigo Hunting Vest could be what you need when on the prowl for fades. You might only get some torso fades lacking any honeycombs or whiskers, but you’ll be getting fades nonetheless. Made of a lightweight denim that’s both neppy and streaky, the vest features hunting-style pockets, indigo twill piping, a scoop neck and curved hem.

Available for £200 (~$270USD) at The Bureau.