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Shockoe’s Scrap Selvedge Denim Tote Bags are Just $49

In fashion, there are always lots of odds and ends. Extra bits of denim here, some leftover leather there. Not enough to make into whole garments, but more than enough to make a whole lot of waste.

Shockoe is doing their part to help cut down on this waste by using excess and unused denim to make their Selvedge Tote Bags. The fun part is that you’ll have no idea precisely what kind of selvedge denim you’re getting, only that it will weigh between 13 and 15oz. While some factors are left to chance, the others are set in stone. The bag will measure 6″ x 13.5″ x 14″ and feature veg-tanned leather handles and an external pocket.

These may be scraps, but they’re very nice scraps built just as well as Shockoe’s jeans and you can grab one for just $49 from Shockoe.