Tender Brings Fourth Dimension Concepts to Life with These Tesseract Shirt

The tesseract is more than just some shiny box that Marvel villains are obsessed with, it’s actually a four-dimensional version of a three-dimensional cube. So it’s actually a theoretical box that geometers are obsessed with.

The takeaway is that tesseracts are complicated and fancy, as are the aptly named Tesseract Shirts from Tender. Just as tesseracts fold in on themselves to create new shapes, the front panels of the shirt have been cut long and then folded back in a zigzag to create the garment’s signature oversize pockets. The complicated construction should satisfy the most geometrically-inclined, while the varied fabrics will win over the less math-savvy of us. Two of the shirts come in wavy calico weaves, (one is dyed with the green stuff on copper [verdigris], and the other with logwood) while the third is made from a 10oz. cross-w0ven denim.

There are lots of brands out there trying to reinvent the classics, but few do this as well as Tender. A tesseract might be cool, but a tesseract shirt… much, much cooler. At the very least, it’s certainly more tangible.

The shirts range between $335 and $405 and are available from BlackBlue in Verdigris, Cross-Weave Denim, and Logwood.