3sixteen’s Type III Jacket Gets Caustic and Overdyed

As far as denim jackets go, the Type III is arguably the quintessential one. But, if the archetypal trucker is a bit too flat for your style, 3sixteen has got something more abrasive for you with their 40ODB Caustic Wave Modified Type III Jacket.

The fabric weighs in at 16.5oz. and is deceptively heavy with a texture that’s not easily captured in photos. The garment is overdyed black, giving it a rich color that will only get more intense with wear, first fading to the deep indigo yarns before giving way to electric blue hues. Corduroy lined hand pockets, selvedge placket, and 3sixteen’s telltale crosscut yoke complete the details for this potential Fade Friday contender.

If you’re all hot and bothered and are tempted to buy this immediately, you should put your wallet back into your pocket. Because the overdye process yields such a wide variety of sizing, this black beauty is only available in-stores at Self Edge.