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Cableami Army Cap

Japanese hat-maker Cableami has a habit of crafting hats that people will truly cherish, and with that in mind here’s a cap aimed squarely at the military heads outs there.

Constructed with a patchwork design consisting of various military fabrics in classic olive drab, the hat shines a light on just how varied and nuanced the otherwise similar tones may appear on M-65 jackets, field chino’s, and the like. From my eye, I spy a slightly saturated sateen, olive twill, faded herringbone, and it appears like there could be even more. Aside from the military aficionado’s out there, this could also rest well with those riding the ’90s menswear wave of the moment, and would be right at home in most look-books I’ve seen of late.

Available for ~$75.19 at Superdenim.