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Epaulet’s Latest Full Court Trainer Keeps it Classy with Museum Calf Leather

NYC’s Epaulet is back in the game with another version of their Full Court Trainer, an in-house take on classic hi-top basketball sneakers designs of the ’80s. While this version is nearly identical to their most recent iteration in horsehide, the devil, and difference, is in the details.

Crafted from genuine Ilcea Radica Calfskin (a.k.a. Museum Calf), the Italian-tanned and -finished leather has a pedigree typically reserved for dress shoes. The hide goes through some extended and additional processes while being tanned, with the end result being a penetrating depth of color, eye-catching marbling, and an overall elegance other leathers can’t provide.

But what’s the point of a lux outer if you don’t elevate the bones of the shoe too, right? Right. That’s why this one is built with a last that provides a sleeker silhouette with a lower toebox, the interior has been fully lined with super soft kidskin glove leather, and an Italian-made Margom rubber sole is internally cemented to the rest of the shoe, then reinforced with 360 degree stitching to the upper.

Available for $345 at Epaulet New York.