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Fade of the Day – BWeiss Leather Long Wallet (1 Year)

Some unworn pieces leave you in awe. Hopefully, the well-worn patinated version will do the same. This is very much the case with today’s Fade of the Day. The photo of Brandon White’s BWeiss Leather Long Wallet before any use is a sight to behold, and the patina he has been able to produce in just one year has created an almost different, but equally beautiful product.

This handmade long wallet by BWeiss started out with a typical natural veg tan color mixed with black leather until Brandon got his hands on it and used it daily for a year. That wear produced some amazing discoloration that has totally changed the wallet and transforming it into something entirely new. Its dark, glossy patina ebbs and flows from black to a light chestnut color. As a final touch, Brandon had the wallet adorned with a Witness Co. amulet to make it even more his own.