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Maple’s Vegetable-Tanned Leather Desk Tray Contains Your Everyday Carry

I can’t be the only one with loose change, dead batteries, and super expired vitamin gummies strewn across my bedside table. Rather than address this tidiness issue like any other adult would by just throwing away the literal garbage that’s been sitting adjacent to my pillow for longer than I care to admit to myself, a natural veg tan leather desk tray to contain all of my “personal belongings” into one location seems like the way to go.

Maple has the solution to this chronic issue with their Canadian-made Desk Tray. It’s made with a patina-hungry natural vegetable-tanned leather, collapses flat for easy travel, and snaps easily at the corners to keep your keys, everyday carry, and gelatinous Flintstone characters contained. Just sit back, throw your stuff in there, watch it patina, and knock out.

Available for $98CAD (~$75USD) at Maple.