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Samurai S526XX-20th Anniversary Jeans

Samurai has been at it for 20 years, and in honor of this milestone, they are releasing their S526XX-20th Anniversary Denim. For every birthday, Samurai pulls out a celebratory pair of denim, and as the years have rolled on, the denim seems to have gotten as heavy as their reputation.

The S526XX-20th’s are made of a 19oz. unsanforized selvedge denim with a straight silhouette and a handful of fine details that all add up to a celebration of a well deserved 20 years of life.

The cinch back fastener is emblematic of this, as is the 5 button fly with their branded embossing and the Samurai Jeans 20th Anniversary Jacquard pockets. Original Samurai features that have become expected are still in use, such as the tonal arcuates and their original metal rivets and buttons. Topped off with a special goatskin leather patch denoting their home in Osaka and their double-decade reign is the frosting at the top of the cake that is this celebratory release. They also come with a commemorative Samurai coin purse. Is it their birthday or ours?

Available at Okayama Denim for $245.