Yuketen Goes Vegan Vaqueta for Their Crepe Bottom Sandals

This is the second time around the block for the “Bostonian” and “Arizonian”, Yuketen’s take on two of the most popular sandals of recent times. When the first versions came out, I chuckled at how brazen Yuketen was for not even trying to disguise what they were riffing on (hint: remove the suffix), but the sequels do begin to diverge a bit from the source material—even if you can’t immediately tell.

While all the details appear to be the same as the previous incarnations—Mexican-made sandals with a leather uppers and adjustable buckled straps with Made-In-USA hardware, all set atop a soles made of jute and 100% natural rubber—there’s one key difference. That upper isn’t leather. Being that these were inspired by mindful California livin’, the upper was swapped out for a vegan material.

It’s actually pretty surprising how much it feels like leather, right down to the inside of the sandal having the proper texture and grain. If you’re looking for natural leather that will patina over time, I think it’s safe to say this isn’t the pair for you, but if you dig the look and are open to (or require) leather alternatives, hey, here you go.

The Arizonian is $185 and Bostonian is $195, at Unionmade.