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Fade Friday – Mister Freedom Ranch Blouse Lot. 44 (~8 Years, 4 Washes, 1 Soak)

It’s Fade Friday, folks! But before you celebrate your two days of freedom, check out this Mister Freedom Ranch Blouse Lot. 44 sent to us by John B., an Englishman living in New York City. John has been wearing this beauty for the thick end of a decade and in addition to the array of charming fades and patina earned along the way, he’s even customized his jacket, making it even more his own.

John tells us about 20 hours of customization has gone into this piece, from the outstanding hand-embroidered chainstitching on the back to the beautiful sashiko repairs covering many of the stress points. But that’s not all, this jacket has developed some handsome fades over the years, with chalky roping covering all of the felled seams and rugged dye loss affecting the arms and parts of the torso.

Without those traditional Japanese-style repairs, John might have been forced to hang up this Mister Freedom jacket a while ago, but thanks to Pey of Sashiko Denim, he can wear this grail with pride for many years to come.

You can follow John on Instagram.

Mister Freedom Ranch Blouse Lot 44 Raw Denim Jacket

  • Fabric: 100% cotton selvedge denim
  • Fabric weight: Varies
  • Fabric source: USA and Japan
  • Made in: USA
  • Additional Details:
    • Round collar
    • Asymmetrical pockets
    • Arcuate stitching
    • Oxidized copper hardware
    • Cinch back with NOS metal prong
  • Available at: Mister Freedom for $299.95