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Fade of the Day – JWJ Brand Bruno (1.5 Years, 2 Soaks)

It’s time for Fade of the Day and we have a cracking post coming to us from Heddels reader Bernado San Juan. Bernado splits his time between Spain and Germany but wears these JWJ Brand Bruno Jeans wherever he goes, so after eighteen months of solid wear, these JWJ jeans are looking awesome.

This Italian Berto Mills selvedge denim has developed rich fades with vertical streaks and bright indigo hues. Bernado says he has spent a lot of time cycling and sailing in these jeans, and clearly both of these activities contributed to the heavy dye loss in the thighs and seat. The leather waist patch has softened and darkened beautifully, and the cinch-back adjuster has notched up some fades of its own.

Furthermore, Bernado has worked in an admirable pair of honeycombs that pop through the denim to complete a strong wear-pattern. One crotch repair has been conducted already, but these JWJ Jeans certainly have a lot of mileage left in them.