Fade of the Day – Left Field NYC Unknown (Unknown Time, Unknown Washes)

Put on your Sherlock Holmes cap and start deducing, we’ve got another mystery submission on our hands for this fine Fade Of The Day.

This pair of Left Field NYC jeans was submitted to us without the owner filling out our form. Without the who, what, where, why sort of details, we don’t have much of a story to tell. Even so, we can deduce that the pair has been worn through some messy scenarios, work perhaps, as there is a fair amount of what looks like grease stains on the front thighs. The pronounced wallet fade and whiskers at the lap could lead one to suspect frequent sitting, while the lack of heavy contrast throughout the jean may be a clue that the pair has yet to be washed.

Our hypothesis? We’ve got a motorcycle enthusiast on our hands who’s worn this pair while riding and working on his bike. It’s a younger pair that’s been worn hard, but because they’re unwashed the indigo hasn’t really bleeded out much.