Joe & Co. Dresses Up A Bib Henley

Ah, the classic henley shirt. A shirt first worn by rowers of the 1830’s in need of the ability to let air in to help cool down, or button up for braving a chill, the piece didn’t take too long to spread far and wide. After spending some time as the design-du-jour for underwear tops, it’s now a standard-issue piece in any mans wardrobe, available in both upscale variants in luxury boutiques and at more accessible price-points at a Target near you. But what about an iteration that’s not quite like most? Cue Joe & Co. and their partially dressed up, limited edition option.

While most henleys fit into one of two camps, either intended to be worn as presentable outermost layer or as a simple iteration of a tee, Joe & Co. present a third: a hybrid with some details of the former, like double-button cuff fasteners and an engineered striped bib detail at the front, as well as leaning on the main comfy-casual aspect from the latter: a 100% cotton flam jersey fabric so soft you’ll be hard pressed not to wear it as an undershirt next to the body. It gets bonus points for serving double-duty as your shirt when you go as Daniel Day Lewis from Gangs Of New York for Halloween this year.

Available for £45 (~$60USD) at Joe & Co.