Novesta and Les Basics Tone Down and Upgrade the Running Sneaker

Simple, luxe sneakers are still doing their thing and, while we’re certainly past the saturation point, a few manage to trickle out here and there that stand out enough to cause pause. This collaboration between London’s Les Basics and Slovakia’s Novesta is a prime example.

Together, they’ve taken a custom 1980s iteration of the 70s Marathon Runner, made specifically for Czechoslovakian race-walking Olympic gold medalist Jozef Pribilinec, and refined it into an understated sneaker. The result is an all-over mono-tone color format with an all-leather upper—an upgrade from the usual nylon mesh—consisting of calfskin with suede overlays and a matching foam sole and rubber outsole.

Made in Slovakia, these collaborative sneakers fit right into the wonts of those eschewing the louder footwear options of the moment, instead preferring a clean, streamlined silhouette crafted by a company with a long history of making sneakers. The bonus with this pair is that they cost at least half of the price of the other reputable options out there.

Available $209 at End Clothing.