The Strike Gold Introduces a New Fit with a Mesmerizing Denim

The Strike Gold strikes again with the newest nugget in their collection, the 7104 17oz. Kinda Wavy Jean. Though the combination of a medium rise with a roomy top block and a heavily tapered leg is a completely new fit for The Strike Gold—their first in five years—the fabric that they’ve developed along with the new silhouette is one that will have you mopping up your saliva from the floor.

The loomstate denim weighs in at a hefty 17oz. and uses pure indigo-dyed cotton warp yarns. For the most part, that’s par for the course. The grey weft yarns, however, are spun with staples so short that it gives the denim an extremely uneven grain, the likes of which Self Edge compares to vintage handwoven Persian rugs. Aside from the technical difficulties that come with using such a short staple cotton, the denim itself is also woven at a super low tension, imbuing the denim with even more character. The result should be some high contrast fades with a mesmerizing texture.

Other features include copper/iron hardware, hidden rivets, a button fly, and deerskin patch.

Available for $335 at Self Edge.