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Battenwear’s Packable Totes are Like Having a Collapsable Extra Hand

Maybe you already have a tote, a go-to reliable one that you carry with you every day. But for those off-guard moments that require an extra hand, what do you do? Packable totes. Battenwear‘s simple Packable Tote has been a perennial staple for the outdoor-focused brand for season upon season. And for good reason.

Like a dying star collapsing into itself to form a black hole, these bags can pack into itself via a zippered pouch, taking up a smaller amount of space. Toss one of these into your principle tote and unpack it for a day when you made the mistake of going to get groceries on an empty stomach. They’re made in the USA of 100% polyester, come with two handles and a single shoulder strap, and come in a variety of colors.

Available for $65CAD (~$50USD) at Lost & Found.