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Epaulet and Gitman Go All Jackson Pollock on an Oxford Shirt

Epaulet and Gitman, both stalwart designers and champions of made-in-America clothing, have joined forces in an unusually zany new endeavor.

The Prism Splatter Dot Hand Dyed Oxford Shirt is made by Gitman in Pennsylvania and splattered with dye in L.A. The dye won’t run or stain and will make even the stodgiest of OCBD wearers seem laid back and chiilllll. English-made oxford cloth, mother of pearl buttons, and a subtly darted slim fit add up for a shirt that fits pretty darn well.

While not everyone’s cup of tea, the shirt will certainly add some needed color to a traditional wardrobe and will make for a delightful conversation starter. “Oh yeah, I’m totally a painter.”

Available in extremely limited quantities (8 units per season!) for $195 from Epaulet.