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Fade Friday – Aye Denim Geometric Series V1 16 oz. (2.5 Years, Unknown Washes)

It’s time for our Fade Friday and we’re once again headed to that fade capital of the world: Indonesia. Today we have a pair of Aye Denim Geometric Series V1 16 oz.

This pair was sent in by Bhisma Diandra who wears his jeans every day, whether at work as a photographer or just chilling on his days off. Keep in mind this includes 32-degree-celsius-and hotter temperatures! Frequent washes and extreme temperatures have given Bhisma a pair of jeans that look so good  With excellent high-contrast fades of all varieties and plenty of indigo loss throughout, he’s got a pair that looks like it may be twice as old as it truly is!

You can follow Bhisma on Instagram.