Fade of the Day – Naked & Famous Unknown and Belt (6 Years, Unknown Washes, 1 Soak)

For Today’s Fade of the Day, we have a double header. Bryan Szabo of Budapest, Hungary sent us a pair of Naked and Famous unknown 14 oz. selvedge jeans with a Naked and Famous leather belt to tie all the branding together.

Both items have been worn daily. The denim wasn’t washed for the first three years, which fully set in the fades, but nearly destroyed the garment. With so little care over such a long period of time, frequent repairs were required, and we were told by Bryan that in some areas, especially the seat, the denim is as thin and transparent as gauze, suggesting bigger repairs are going to be needed soon.

Some nice honeycombs have formed with white pops in them and there are matching whiskers with the same effect in the lap and knees. The thighs and seat have faded down to a dusty, pale blue that verges on green. The leather belt has taken on a nice auburn patina and in some places has turned black from wear.