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Fade Friday – Aye & Co Blue Brethren (2 Years, 0 Washes, 0 Soaks)

Aye! We’ve got some killer fades coming your way with this week’s edition of Fade Friday. This pair of Aye & Co. Blue Brethren jeans come to us from Ikbal Riadih in Indonesia. After two years in the game, Ikbal’s jeans have got some top-shelf fades.

Ikbal tells us he works in a warehouse, so naturally, these jeans have been subject to daily manual work, leaving them gorgeously faded. Remarkably, these Aye & Co. jeans have not required any repairs or reinforcements over the past two years and Ikbal has spent this time working in a solid wear pattern that consists of deep-set creases and a gnarly patina. The lap and knees have been shredded down to a near-white tone and as well as the honeycombs and whiskers, we’re loving the subtle stacking emerging towards the hems.

You can follow Ikbal on Instagram.