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Levi’s Vintage Clothing’s Latest Breeds a Type III Jacket with Fatigue Pants

Whether or not you like ’70s style is irrelevant, because Levi’s Vintage Clothing is going back into archives where the bell bottoms and fringes live. The latest to come out of their repro studios is their Safari Jacket. But it’s not like typical safari jackets that you would, like, wear on an actual safari. This one is geared toward denim heads and takes its cue from the Orange Tab days.

The hybrid lies between the Type III trucker jacket and fatigue pants, making for some kind of weird denim centaur. It’s built with a 14oz. pre-shrunk Cone Mills denim, includes patch pockets up the centaur wazoo, and comes in a rinsed finish.

Available for $195 at Canoe Club.