Minimalist Desk Lamps – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

When you sit down to do some work, there’s nothing better than having a nice, clean environment in which to get things done. And while it sounds a bit silly to say, a quality desk lamp can make all the difference in the world. While there’s an unfathomably large number of lamps out there, today we’re taking a look at some that are especially clean and minimalist. The style and price of these lamps will vary quite a lot, so consider this list to be an entryway into new territory—find what you like, and then go explore what’s out there to find the perfect piece for you.

1) IKEA: HÅRTE LED Work Lamp

Minimalist-Desk-Lamps---Five-Plus-One 1) IKEA: HÅRTE LED Work Lamp

IKEA might not be a brand that we talk about too often around here, some of their products, such as their Hårte LED Word Lamp, are actually quite nice. This nice little lamp is made from a piece of bent, powder-coated steel with an aluminum tip that features a 100 lumen LED. It is powered off a USB, which allows this handy little lamp to be powered from a wall socket or your laptop/desktop so you can have a nice light source wherever you’re working.

Available for $18 from IKEA.

2) Pablo Designs: Pixo Optical LED Table Lamp


I don’t know how they do it, but Pablo Designs consistently releases new lamps in a wide range of styles, all of which make me want to redecorate my place. Their Pixo Optical LED Table Lamp is adjustable both where the base meets the stem and where the stem meets the head, making this the perfect desk lamp if you find yourself needing to adjust your lamp at various times throughout the day. In addition to that, it features a pass-through USB port to all your to charge all your USB devices as necessary.

Available for $230 from Design Within Reach.

3) Constantinos Hoursoglou: Linelight


Constantinos Hoursoglou is a bit of a mouthful to say, so you better start practicing because once your friends see their Linelight lamp adorning your desk you’ll surely be telling them who made it. This lamp is constructed from powder-coated steel that comes in a wide range of colors that are both accenting and, somehow, understated. This is yet another LED work lamp, so keep that in mind when making your next purchase.

Available for €340 (~$395USD) from Shibui.

4) Grovemade: Desk Lamp


I’ll admit I’m a bit conflicted at including an Edison bulb style lamp on a list dedicated to minimalism, but the simple design and clean construction in Grovemade’s Desk Lamp made it too hard for me to pass by. This desk lamp is clearly designed to give ambient light rather than focused light, but if your workstation already has enough lighting to work by then what’s the harm in that? Constructed from walnut or maple with a cork base and thick, woven-cloth cable this lamp is built to last (and is so attractive that you’ll be happy not to see it go).

Available for $99 from Grovemade in Walnut and Maple.

5) Langley Street: Lower Ballinderry Desk Lamp


For those of you who are more interested in mid-century modern style lamps, the Langley Street Lower Ballinderry Desk Lamp might be the perfect, new desk companion. This minimalist lamp features a bent would stem with matching lampshade and base. While not everyone is a fan of the curved wood aesthetic that is, quite frankly, a bit overused in mid-century modern inspired furniture and light fixtures, it’s hard to deny that style works well in this instance.

Available for $78 from Wayfair.

Plus One – YIELD: Echo Totem Light


YIELD’s Echo Totem Light is a bit too busy for my taste—although they consider it to be a minimalist piece—but, somehow I can’t stop bringing up its webpage. Available in a range of sizes, the small version is the perfect size to sit on top of your desk among your computer and succulents, and will certainly warm up your workday. Constructed from birch, these lamps are both attractive and made to last, so you can be sure it will be around once you get attached to it.

Available for $385 from YIELD.