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Tender’s Wool Pattern Cardigan Twists Like Your Favorite Vintage Jeans

Tender’s latest collection is humble and minimal, but the designs are incredibly unique and eye-catching despite being so. Case in point: their 742 Rope-Dyed variant of the Wool Pattern Cardigan, which serves a beautiful example of the brand’s cleverly intended purpose. The indigo rope-dyed cotton 742 uses the same threads that manufacturers of denim use in their unsanforized cloth, producing a stunning, vintage-style twist effect on the garment.

The material and construction of the cardigan is impressive and truly simple, and much like most of Tender’s oeuvre, it’s undeniably remarkable: hand frame-knitted in Scotland from the aforementioned rope-dyed indigo cotton—which is taken directly from the production of Tender denim—the Cardigan will age like a pair of jeans. Tender’s singular nature is obvious and well established in this garment, and the 742 Rope-Dyed Cardigan won’t disappoint.

Available for $324 at Unionmade.