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The Art of Kasuri Comes to Naked & Famous

You can surely count on Naked & Famous to showcase some of the wackiest and outlandish takes on a pair of blue jeans, pushing the denim limits further and further. Though their latest, Kasuri Selvedge jeans, may not shout their artistry, the process by which the denim is made certainly deserves the attention.

To achieve the unique indigo variation, yarns are wrapped with dye-resistant threads before being dyed in indigo. The dye-resistant threads are then removed, the yarns are wrapped again in different areas, and once again dyed in indigo. This process is repeated until the proper variation and gradation is achieved. For Naked & Famous, the process is woven into 12.5oz. selvedge denim that’s cut and sewn into a pair of Canadian-made jeans.

Available in their Weird Guy and Super Guy fits for $188CAD ($145USD) at Bricks & Bonds.